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Christmas is done and done…

OMG! Christmas is done and done and I still have my post about visiting the Christmas Home Tour in Harriman, Tennessee as my last entry… better do something about it – ANYTHING – until I have time to do more…so here you are – my latest and greatest digital masterpiece…

Not to make excuses – but this is my busy time of year attending trade conferences and meetings to gear up for the next season of travel ideas and plans. I LOVE this part of my job except when I come home sick as a dog as I did this year…still doctoring the worst case of bronchitis I have ever had in my life…P.S. it’s now full fledged pneumonia – first time ever!

Slowly – and I mean SLOWLY – getting back to normal but it’s been a long haul…enough said. Here is my latest masterpiece you can help me name:

Grandma & Grandpa's Nest

OK…so I took advantage of being on the sick list and did some stuff I love to do…wish I could figure out how to make a couple of bucks doing what I call “my therapy!”

That’s all folks! Have a great day wherever you are…THINK SPRING!!!

to be continued…

elaine j

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