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Let’s Rock Around the Clock at Rock-A-Billy Diner in Clarkrange, Tennessee

Ladies – Do you still have your Poodle Skirt?

Gentlemen – Do you still have your Varsity Sweater?

How about that Bowling Shirt? Leather Jacket?

Where is your poodle skirt?

If you still have them – do you know where they are? (Bet that sweater is still in the hands of the gal you gave it to oh soooo long ago. If it’s the same gal you’re with now – not to worry!) Mmmm! Wonder where my Somerville – New Jersey – High School sweater is?

One last question – do you LOVE great food???

If your answer is YES to any of these questions -are you’re willing to take a bit of a ride outside of Crossville, Tennessee for some of the best 50’s (1950’s) food on the Cumberland Plateau where they won’t think you’ve gone bonkers just because you’re wearing your bobby socks and saddle shoes – Poodle Skirt and/or Varsity Sweater?

Guys and Gals – you’re gonna LOVE this place!

Rock-A-Billy Diner is the place to go and can be found at the back of Cumberland Mountain General Store in Clarkrange, Tennessee…

Rock-A-Billy Cafe

Folks have been known to call their burgers “the best on the mountain” – they are sooo right! Hound-Dogs and Slaw Dogs and Fish Sandwiches are all  on the menu as well as my favorite – Sweet Hickory Bologna Sandwich… My Mom used to make the best fried bologna in the world!!! Of course – French Fries enter the picture but their home-made Onion Rings are second to none…want to see more? You’re but a click away!

Rock-a-Billy Cafe

Save room for dessert or just make dessert your meal…it can be done right here at the Rock-A-Billy Diner. Their “World Famous Banana Split” has been featured on Tennessee Crossroads TV Show and their “Real Old Fashioned Milkshakes” are still made on a 1947 shake machine! It’s the real thing…I know because about a hundred years ago my Mom and Dad owned a luncheonette in Lynbrook, New York and had the exact malted milk machine. We call it a “malted milk machine” – others call it a “milkshake machine”. They are one and the same…talk about memories!

Rock-A-Billy Cafe Counter

Here I am in all my glory with what little remains of my Sweet Hickory Bologna Sandwich and Onion Rings…have to admit – took half a sandwich and more than half an order of onion rings home with me and enjoyed every left-over morsel for dinner…a perfect 2 for 1 meal in my book!

Now it’s your turn to venture out and explore beyond Crossville and Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. Let me know what you think. Love hearing from you…

thanks for your time…see you ’round the next bend in the road…

have a great day!

elaine j

More info about the Cumberland Mountain General Store:

Cumberland Mountain
General Store
6807 South York Hwy
(Hwy 127 North)
Clarkrange, Tennessee 38553

Store Hours:
Open Daily
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Rock-a-Billy Diner

Diner Hours:
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
“Weather Permitting”
Call Ahead
(931) 863-3880

Sometimes Closed Monday
Call First. We might be out gittin’ more stuff!

Call (931) 863-3880 or
(931) 397-3731

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2 comments… add one
  • Susan Baker February 2, 2017, 10:45 pm

    Just found your blog. I’ve been checking out homes for sale online and came across Harriman, TN when I found your post about the home tour there. One post leads to another and I ended up thinking about my dad and how he LOVED fried bologna! Never met anyone one else who liked fried bologna until I read this post. Would love to hear more about Harriman and the area around there. How retirement friendly is it? We have a few more years until we retire and have been thinking about where we want to go when we “grow up”! Susan Baker

    • Elaine Johnston March 6, 2017, 3:32 pm

      Hi Susan! Thanks so much for your message…sorry took so long in getting back to you. I have not had much time to “play” with my blog due to my husband’s health
      matters and a busy travel business to tend to…appreciate your time and comments…

      I’m not too familiar with what Harriman, TN has to offer in the way of retirement…believe it or not – you are the second person to ask me about retirement in
      Harriman since posting the Home Tour article…that being said – I do know a lot about retiring to our neck of the woods – Crossville, TN…we are a retirement
      mecca spread out from Crossville to Fairfield Glade or Crossville to Lake Tansi Village and/or Holiday Hills…tons of options. I suggest you contact the Crossville
      Camber of Commerce as a start (www.crossville-chamber.com) …and then check Fairfield Glade, TN and Lake Tansi Village online…we have all types of offerings for
      all types of pocketbooks…that should get you started…thanks again for your comments…

      OOPS! Almost forgot…we were brought up on Fried Bologna! Either in a sandwich or fried up in a pan with onions and ketchup served with mashed potatoes…
      doesn’t get any better than that! My Mom must be thinking of me!!!

      Have a great day!!!
      elaine j

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