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Cumberland Mountain General Store

Traveling along I-40 just outside of Crossville, Tennessee…take Exit 317 to 127-North toward Jamestown and Clarkrange…it’s easy.

Keep going North for about 15 miles and when you get to the crossroads of 127-North and Tennessee State Road 62 stay on 127-North for a minute or two and Cumberland Mountain General Store is on your right. You can’t miss it – it’s a big building with a big gravel parking lot along with a big sign in front showing you the way. I finally took the time to visit on a beautiful Tennessee Fall day. The air was as clear as a bell, the trees were just beginning to do their change, and “sweater weather” was no where in sight it was that warm. LOVE our weather on the Cumberland Plateau…

When you see the Homemade Fudge and Cumberland Mountain General Store sign you’re in the right place…park anywhere you like!


Cumberland Mountain General Store Sign


The store has been in existence since 1923. Creaky uneven floor boards cover the front porch as well as most of the floors inside the building. There’s only one way in and one way out and that’s through the old wooden screen door that doesn’t miss a beat slamming you in and slamming you out. Can you hear her? I still can…my mother’s voice from way back when: “If you slam that door one more time…!!!”

Once inside – the aroma of home-made fudge makes you want to stop in your tracks for a sample if you’re hungry or not…you can find everything from penny candy to bags of marbles to wacky signs to flour sacks – yes, they are still around – to a working spinning wheel. I’m pretty sure if you can’t find it here you probably don’t need it!

Here’s that spinning wheel if you have a need for one…


Spinning Wheel at Cumberland Mountain General Store


Do you know how many times I’ve passed by and wondered to myself what that “old beat up place” looked like inside? Even wondered if it was open for business or just a building going to ruin like so many others have done over time…it just never looked as if there was life inside…

Boy – was I ever wrong!

Owner Todd Evans has put some spark into the old building…not sure how long he has been there but am pretty sure not since 1923

I really don’t know how it all happened, but in doing research for a Mystery Tour I was putting together as a fund raiser for our local library (The Art Circle Public Library in Crossville, TN) – I came across information about the store and it’s 50’s style diner – Rock-A-Billy. It’s the diner that really caught my eye because I’m always looking for new places to eat and maybe use as a stop for future Mystery Tours. This place is a gem…

I’ll tell you more about Rock-A-Billy in my next post only because I would like to introduce you to the inside of this engrossing establishment before you decide to go elsewhere on the “www”… If you’re into shopping for nostalgia – you have landed in heaven and can spend hours on end looking for just the right item.

Take a step through the front door and let’s explore together…


Cumberland Mountain General Store Inside Front Door


Cumberland Mt General Store Inside Display






No Peein' off the porch


Told you this was a fun place! This sign and others come in all sizes and shapes…I’ve never seen such an assortment of signs in one place.

Now…here’s a few photos I took that are near and dear to my heart. There is something of interest for everyone if you really, really look!

Florsheim Shoes Sign

I looked up and there it was…a lighted sign for Florsheim Shoes! I looked and looked while all sorts of memories ran through my head…my Dad always wore Florsheim shoes when he found the need to dress up. They were not shoes made for walking. They were shoes made for dancing!

In the words of Henry David Thoreau – “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see…”

How about a few bottles and jars…


Cumberland Mountain General Store Bottles & Jars

I know – the photo itself is a bit blurry and I have tried everything to sharpen it up, but nothing works. I’ll just have to use it as is…sometimes my hands just won’t stay still as I’m snapping away…maybe Santa will bring me a small tripod this year…I’ve been pretty good most of the year…

Are you wondering? Well – the reason for my fascination about these bottles and jars is that I am a jar hoarder. My husband thinks I’m nuts! I just cannot find it in my heart to throw away a decorative jar – especially those that hold pasta sauce and are similar in size and shape to mason jars used for canning…I have tons of them! In addition to my pasta jars, I keep pretty little jam jars and those short stout salsa jars. I’m not quite sure what I will use the pasta jars for right now – but do use the others to hold various things around the house – sugar, loose tea, cotton balls, buttons, pencils and pens, paper clips….the list goes on.

Last but not least…I can’t go away without sharing at least one sign on display among the many, many signs sold at the Cumberland Mountain General Store. For those of you who know me – hope you have a good laugh. For those of you who are just getting to know me – hope you have a good laugh too!


Cumberland Mt General Store-Don't Drink Sign


It’s 5 0’clock somewhere which is “wine time” in my book…


thanks for your time…see you ’round the next bend in the road.

to be continued…

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Happy Birthday at The Broadmoor

OH Soooo Good! What  a treat!
Such a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!


Not too long ago I caught a TV documentary about the “fabulously famous” Sunday Brunch at The BroadmoorWOW! is all I can say!

The documentary could not have come at a better time. You see…when I saw the film my daughter worked and lived in Fort Collins, Colorado….I lived and still live in Tennessee.  We had plans to meet at Denver International Airport before continuing on to Colorado Springs for some “mother-daughter time” while celebrating her birthday…where is The Broadmoor? You guessed it – Colorado SpringsSunday Brunch was immediately written into the itinerary!

to be continued…
elaine j

Happy Birthday to You whenever and wherever!!!





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